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Empires in America
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Empires in America

The French and Indian War, 1754-62

2008 CSR Award Nominee Empires in America is a States of Siege™ game on the French and Indian War (1754-62) created by veteran designer, Joe Miranda. With riveting solitaire gameplay action, you must command the beleaguered colony of New France, from Halifax to the Ohio Valley, while Britain and her American colonies press in from all sides with war raging from the fortress of Quebec to the Monongahela. Employing Leaders to command the opposing Armies, Empires in America presents a new focus on the important historical personages of this era like Montcalm, Wolfe and even a young George Washington. These Leaders ensure their reputations as their fortunes (and reputations) wax and wane on campaign across the far-flung frontiers of colonial North America.

Can the Montreal Militia and Algonquin Indians defeat General Braddock’s redcoats before they reach Fort Duquesne?  Can your Troupes de la Marine stop Rogers’ Rangers at Fort Ticonderoga? Will the Royal Navy sail up the St. Lawrence River to support operations against Quebec? Can court intrigue at Versailles undermine the machinations of William Pitt (the Elder)? Find out as you defend Montreal in Empires in America.

Game Data:

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Number of Players: 1
Ages: 13 and up
Playing Time: Approximately 25 minutes
Complexity: 3 on a 9 scale
Solitaire Suitability: 9 on a 9 scale
Scale: Each unit is one British Army, each Leader commands several Battalions

Game Components:

•    One 8-page, color game Rules booklet
•    40 color, die-cut 5/8” mounted two-sided game pieces
•    12 color, die-cut 3/4” mounted game pieces 
•    48 ‘Historique’ Event and History cards
•    One 11” x 17” color game map
•    Polybag packaging and component storage

What They're Saying:

- "The card mechanics give you a number of options and drive the tension very well. What’s more, it is really fun and gives you a real sense of the historical flavor and events." - Mark Rivera (Boardgames in Blighty)

- "A fast, playable solo game with a fair amount of decision making and historical flavor." - Joe Oppenheimer (Web Grognards)

- "If you like solitaire games, especially the States of Siege series, and especially quicker and smaller games that you can play in an hour or so in a relatively small space, this is definitely recommended." - Dug (Blog - A Boy Named Dug)

- "I'd recommend this game to anyone who might like a solitaire wargame on the French-and-Indian War. It pulls you into the story, tells some version of the story as you go along, and challenges you to make the most of the resources you draw. Also, there's just enough of a chance element to make the battles exciting and a bit unpredictable." - Patrick Carroll (Board Game Geek)

- "..I think this is the best game thus far of the series. It brings the States of Siege series out of its light-game genre and into a mainstream level of wargaming complexity, which is both a strength and a weakness I guess. For the experienced wargamer that is interested in solitaire games, I think the choice is a no-brainer, this is the cream of the crop and has become one of my favorite solitaire games. Even for the wargaming initiate, I don't think there are many complex concepts that will cause trouble, but if you like solitaire games and want a  'gaming experience' that isn't monotonous, this game is for you, too!" - Eric Lai (Board Game Geek)

- "Overall, Empires in America is an excellent game, in a small footprint. For many grogs who lack time and space to play extended games, and who may lack opponents to play at all, Empires in America is a fun, compact challenge that can be knocked out in an afternoon, without clearing a lot of space on the table. It offers insight into a war that’s not been heavily portrayed before, but in a milieu that’s familiar to wargamers. It is also accessible enough that it can be used to teach younger kids (ages 10-14 or so) how wargames can offer insights into history, and help move them along their pathway to full groghood." - Brant Guillory (Grog Heads)


Game Design: Joseph Miranda
States of Siege System: Darin Leviloff
Graphic Design, Documentation & Game Development: Alan Emrich
Game Map: Tim Allen
Playtesting: Paul Aceto, Dennis Bishop, Brian Burns, Vince DeNardo, Mark Desjardins, Daniel Gray, Kim Meints, Carl Paradis, Earl Perkins, Chris Taylor
Proofreading: Bill Barrett, Tom Black, Steve Carey, Jon Matthews


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