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Nemo's War
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Nemo's War

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

2008 CSR Award Nominee

Jules Verne’s classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea tells the story of Captain Nemo and his astounding ship, the Nautilus. Set in the year 1866, this amazing electric-powered submarine travels throughout the seas tacitly on missions of research and exploration, but it isn’t long before two captive crew members, rescued from the wreck of a Nautilus attack, Professor Aronnax and Canadian whaler Ned Land, realize that Captain Nemo’s motives are far more complex and possibly sinister.

Can you command the Nautilus on its year-long cruise to destiny? Can you fend off giant squids? Discover the South Pole, the Arabian Tunnel, or the lost city of Atlantis? Can you scourge the high seas and create enough fear in the great maritime powers to free the colonial peoples of the world from them? There really is a whole world to explore and master when you are adventuring in this amazing solitaire game: Nemo’s War.

Game Data:

Number of Players:
Ages: 13 and up
Playing Time: Approximately 40 minutes

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Complexity: 2.5 on a 9 scale
Solitaire Suitability: 9 on a 9 scale
Scale: Each unit is 1 major ship and game turns are measured in weeks

Game Components:

•    Six pages of color Rules
•    24 Adventure cards
•    54 color, die-cut 3/4” square ship counters
•    45 color, two-sided die cut 1/2” round markers
•    One 11” x 25.5” color game map
•    One player aid story epilogues sheet

•    One player aid score sheet
•    Polybag packaging and component storage

What They're Saying:

- "One of the best games of 2009, and Nemo is a must-own for the solo gamer in my mind." - Michael Debije (Board Game Geek)

- "It stands as a shining example of how games can express theme, narrative, and setting without a hundred dollars worth of cheap bubblegum machine figures, gaudy artwork, or laughable flavor text." - Michael Barnes (Game Shark)

- "Very original and narratively rich, it lets you choose your own way, and even change it mid-game. Multiple goals, multiple end-of-game conditions, this is a swiss-knife of a game!" - Stephane Josephy (Board Game Geek)

- "At the end of the day I would say Nemo’s War ranks up there as a penultimate example of solitaire gaming done right!" - Jeff McAleer (The Gaming Gang)

- "What makes the game for me is that I can see and feel the passion that the creator put into the game. I see that this is a labour of love." - Paul Shabatowski (Board Game Geek)

- "I found Nemo's War to be a very light but short and enjoyable solitaire game with elegant rules but a surprising amount of control over how you play the game." - Dug (A Boy Named Dug)

- "The game was fun to play and difficult to beat. Great theme and nice execution. Certainly not a brain burner. I would recommend Nemo's War anyone who likes a fun fast solitaire game that is well executed." - Kenneth Lury (Board Game Geek)

- Easy to set-up and learn (at least in terms of how to play). The mechanisms for variety from game to game are simple yet clever, giving it a high replay value. The mechanisms for forcing many different decisions are outstanding. This is one of, perhaps the best, true solitaire games  I've encountered." - Jim Bailey (Consim World)

- "I can see how the different objectives will make you re-think your strategy and try different paths to victory, which is cool. I'm playing this again for sure, as I found it to be much less complex than I expected and also very fast to play." - Jorge Arroyo (Board Game Geek)

- "Nemo is, simply, a joy to play. You begin pushing cardboard chits around a piece of paper but are soon engaged in a highly involved game of strategy and resource management. Fulfilling those victory conditions and reaching the highest point value (the more victory points, the better the result) is a terrific and enjoyable challenge." - Howard Jones (Black Gate Magazine)

- "I want my solitaire games dripping with theme and I want to feel that I’m struggling my way through a great adventure. Nemo’s War definitely has a ton of theme. The flavor text on the event cards sets the mood. The game mechanics support the theme remarkably well and I really like how the bonus provided by the Nemo resource increases as it takes 'damage', thus reflecting how Nemo’s increasing insanity makes him singlemindedly obsessed with his goal. Finally the graphic design, while simple, fits the theme. During the first handful of games I had a nice sense of adventure, I followed Nemo’s motivation, I feared the toughest battleships and I explored the oceans. Later on however it became a bit more mechanical, but the theme was there all the time." - Morten Monrad (Board Game Geek)

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Game Design: Christopher Taylor
Documentation and Game System Development: Alan Emrich
Graphic Design: Alan Emrich
Game Map:
Tim Allen
Playtesting: Paul Aceto, Tom Decker, Vince DeNardo, Scott Everts, Michael Love, Lance McMillan, Kim Meints, Chad Oatman, Marc Puig, Leigh Toms
Proofreading: Bill Barrett, Tom Black, Benoit Larose, Jon Matthews


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