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April, 2014

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Bury 'em Twice in The South Shall Rise Again!

The South Shall Rise Again
From designer John Welch comes your chance to alter the course of a fractured United States, increasingly menaced by Confederate zombie soldiers (“Zebs”), and the dangerous Revenants and Glorious Dead that await you.

Based on the alternate history of author S.M. Cross’ The South Shall Rise, this is a game of tactical combat set during the American Civil War, where those within the Confederacy take a terrible risk to use the dead as reanimated soldiers. With four unique and challenging scenarios to choose from, crawl out of the trenches and rise to glory… or die (again) trying.

Good luck... you’re going to need it!

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Raise Your Civilizations in Mound Builders!

Mound Builders
Mound Builders, from Wes Erni and Ben Madison, is a solitaire States of SiegeTM game where you represent the two largest pre-Columbian Indian “mound builder” cultures that dominated eastern North America from before the time of Christ until the coming of the European colonists in the 17th century. Your empire represents the earlier Hopewell culture and the later Mississippian culture that derived from it.

Until the arrival of the Spanish late in the game, you will expand your control across the map of North America, extending it over the various chiefdoms encountered and incorporating them into your economic and religious sphere (“empire”). Your domain will grow and shrink, but be aware that rather than a military advance and retreat, this process represents the rise and decline of culture, religious ideology, and an economic way of life, threatened from outside by competing ideologies and lifestyles as much as by hostile armies.

Your goal is to extend Mound Builder culture and amass as many chiefdoms as possible before rival native powers (and the smallpox-ridden Spanish!) rise up to drive you back to your Mississippi River heartland and extinguish your vast capital city at Cahokia, Illinois.

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March Update


That Was The Month That Was

"March is the month of expectation …."

-  Emily Dickinson

"Indoors or out, no one relaxes in March …"

-  Ogden Nash

Coming Soon: VPG v3.0

Good times in the attic with Tom Decker and Vince DeNardoVictory Point Games, also known as The Little Game Company That CouldSM where The Gameplay’s the Thing!SM, has come a long way since we formed this business back in 2007. VPG’s original incarnation, let’s call it VPG v1.0, was literally “two guys in an attic” (Alan Emrich and Vince DeNardo), with games produced on inkjet printers and counters made with a hand-press die cutter. After steady growth, VPG v2.0 emerged in 2011, with improvements to our printing equipment and upgraded laser-cut counters; VPG 2.1 quickly followed with the addition of our bright red game boxes which allowed our games to move through the distributor pipeline and appear on store shelves in many more retail establishments.

Now, coming in the spring of 2014, we will launch VPG v3.0, a company reboot designed to refocus our energies on our core business activities: Developing, manufacturing, and publishing great board and card games. It is time for The Little Game Company to take serious stock of our internal systems and methodologies and run a tighter ship; to reassess our product development, publication, and marketing; and to start really managing the business side of things, because failure to manage success and growth can kill a company just as dead as failing from the outset. We are well underway re-evaluating and streamlining manufacturing, the office has been reorganized (complete with a round of “musical desks”) to make things more efficient, and a fiscal assessment of the company’s business practices is currently ongoing.

What Does VPG v3.0 Mean For You?



Hapsburg Eclipse is Now Available!

Hapsburg Eclipse
In Hapsburg Eclipse, from designer Darin A. Leviloff, you control the leadership of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and, peripherally, the German Central Staff who assume greater and greater control over their ally. Desperately trying to keep the enemy out of Vienna, while maintaining morale and preventing the Empire from fracturing along ethnic lines, can you succeed in keeping the Monarchy intact? Play Hapsburg Eclipse and find out!

Note: Hapsburg Eclipse has a sister game, Ottoman Sunset, depicting the struggle of their Central Powers ally, the Ottoman Empire. If in possession of both games, a Combined Game is playable, either as a two player co-op game or as a large two-front solitaire game. The rules for the Combined Game are included with Hapsburg Eclipse and modify the rules for each individual game.

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